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Become a

Recycle Partner

Do you have a heart to lend a helping hand?

There's a really easy but very impactful way you can lend a hand at the Paint Crazy studio, and it's by becoming a Recycle Partner! 

A Recycle Partner is just a giver of things around your home or that you use on a daily basis that you don't want or that would normally end up in your garbage.  Believe it or not, we use those things to create beautiful artwork and crafts in our youth and adult classes.  

By collecting these donated materials, it allows us to keep the registration costs low so that more people from all socioeconomic statuses are able to benefit from our class offerings.  As a Recycle Partner, you can earn rewards towards classes and other services we offer.  

We accept all kinds of things such as, but not limited to:

  • magazines

  • newspapers

  • egg cartons

  • empty plastic jugs

  • paper towel rolls

  • empty plastic bottles

  • empty drink cartons

  • coffee containers

  • pizza boxes

  • glass jars

  • flower pots

  • vases

  • bubble wrap

  • old sheets and curtains

  • unused/unwanted art supplies

Partner Levels

Level                    Contributions                        Reward

Level 1                                 5                                      10% off of a class, art party or gallery purchase 

Level 2                                10                                    15% off of a class, art party or gallery purchase 

Level 3                                15                                     25% off of a class, art party or gallery purchase 

(One contribution is qualified as one file folder size box of items or greater.)

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