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Junior Luminary Artists

Through a ground-breaking combination of art and peer-mentorship, the Junior Luminary Artists program will charge its youth facilitators and students to build relationships, provide opportunities to expand knowledge and artistic technique, strengthen self-confidence, and other vital competencies needed to be successful in life. 

What is a luminary artist?

a person of prominence or brilliant achievement who inspires or influences others in the area of creative arts.


The Junior Luminary Artists Program prepares youth facilitators of the arts for creating, planning, and executing a classroom style arts and crafts concept or technique to a group of their peers.  The vision of this program is to strengthen the leadership skills of the youth in and around the Richmond City area to help them more effectively inspire their peers to creatively express their values, visions, feelings, passions, etc. to positively impact their community.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To promote the social engagement, autonomy, and pride of local youth by providing creative peer-facilitated self-expression opportunities.

  2. To provide an opportunity to allow the youth to use their creative abilities and strengths to influence, inspire, and contribute positively to their community and the people within it.

  3. To provide a means to financially contribute to the longevity of a JLA’s creative interests.

Program Details


                        Paint Crazy RVA, LLC

                        4100 Brook Road, Suite B

                        Richmond, VA 23227




                       -18 years and up

                       -Pass background check

                       -Creative arts background of at least 2 years

                       -1 year experience in public speaking

                       -1 year experience working with children


Application Process:


                       -Character References



Roles and Responsibilities:

Facilitators main role will be to supportively guide the JLAs through the workshop materials.  They will help equip them with the necessary skills to lead a class of their peers in creative expression.  After the transfer of those skills, then the facilitator becomes the JLAs assistant in the classroom if needed and takes an observer role in order to gain data to give the JLAs feedback about the class when necessary.  The facilitator is responsible for checking children in and out of the facility for each class and to ensure the safety of each student while they are at the facility.  The facilitator is also responsible for assisting the JLAs with transitioning the classroom to prepare for and clean up after each class.


Time commitment:

                       Wk l: 6 hours

                       Wk 2 – 9: 12 hour per week

                       Wk 10: 13 hours


Junior Luminaries


                       -Between age 9 and 16 to participate

                       -Richmond City or Henrico County

                       -Displaying luminary qualities in some area of their life

                       -Willing to speak in front of others


Application Process:


                       -Sample of work


The program will accept each session:

                        2 – 9 to 10-year-old JLAs

                        4 – 11 to 13-year-old JLAs

                        2 – 14 to 16-year-old JLAs


Roles and Responsibilities:

JLAs main role will be to supportively guide their peers through the creative process for the self-expression subject matter they choose to share with them.  Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, being ready and willing to assist, lead, learn from and guide the facilitators, other JLAs or the student peers as the need arises.  They are also responsible for transitioning the classroom to prepare for and clean up after their class.



Summer 2019 - Session begins 6/01/2019

Fall 2019 - Session begins 8/24/2019

Winter 2019 - Session begins 1/04/2020

Spring 2019 - Session begins 3/28/2020


Apply to become a Junior Luminary Artist or request more information here.

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